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About Novaculite

Rh Preyda 100% natural Arkansas stones are made from Novaculite- the ultimate sharpening stone.
Quarried in the Ouachita Mountains, near Hot Springs, Arkansas, Novaculite is not found anywhere else in the world. The unique cryptocrystalline structure of Novaculite allows the stone to retain its effective abrasion characteristic and shape. Sharpening stones are composed of 99.9% pure silica. What makes Novaculite so unique is it’s ability to remove less material than other abrasive products. Because the stone is naturally so durable, it is able to perform for an extended period of time and never require lapping or flattening.

Mined and crafted since prehistoric times, Novaculite was originally used to sharpen and produce the earliest of tools from a simple arrowhead to an axe. Today, the stone is prized for its range of versatility. Exhibiting the ability to maintain tools in pristine condition from the smoothest blade to the sharpest edge, Novaculite stones are applicable to virtually any blade edge industry.

Arkansas Stones By Type

All Arkansas sharpening stones are graded by their own unique density. Because Arkansas Stone is a natural product, colors and patterns will vary across each stone.


*This chart exemplifies our scale by which find RH Preyda natural Arkansas Stone to be comparable in performance to synthetic stone grit levels.

**Grit ranges shown are not a true grit size of the crystalline that makes up Novaculite.

Soft Arkansas: (medium density)

Considered the coarsest of the Arkansas sharpening stones. This stone will provide the initial edge and first level of polishing, but is primarily used for sharpening.

Hard Arkansas: (fine density)

The recommended stone for work that requires a smooth polish, but not the finest polish. This stone will provide a final hone and polish edge.

Black Arkansas: (extra fine density)

Harder and finer than Hard Arkansas. Not as pure black as Surgical Black Arkansas. Coloration is more dark grey than black. This stone will polish finer than Soft and Hard Arkansas stones.

Surgical Black Arkansas: (ultra fine density)

The hardest and finest of the Arkansas sharpening stones. Prized by machinists, tool and die makers for its precision honing and polishing capabilities. Also used for testing gold content.

Translucent Arkansas: (x-ultra fine density)

The rarest of Arkansas sharpening stones. Translucent stones in their purest form are white. Translucent stones may contain shades of pink, yellow, and grey. The Translucent sharpening stone produces the highest polished, razor edge.

Arkansas Stones By Type

Arkansas sharpening stones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any intended use.

Files and Carving Tools

Used to create the finest edge on precision tools, delicate instruments, and die work. All files and carving tools can be made to your specifications. RH Preyda Arkansas files hold their shape while creating the finest, most uniform finish. Files are best for deburring, chamfering, radiusing and filing delicate parts. Select the file shape that best fits the contour of the surface

Slip Stones and Multi-Forms

Recommended for wood working, gunsmithing, tool & die work and all other jobs that require a smooth metal finish. Slip Stones and Multi-Forms are the ideal answer for sharpening and polishing hooks and blades.

Bench Stones

RH Preyda produces bench stones in all grades of natural Arkansas stone. All bench stones are cut to size and skillfully finished to ensure their flatness. Choose from six different types of stone. In order to be most effective, the bench stone must be at least as long as your blade. All bench stones are a full 1″ or 1/2″ thick.

Tri-Hone and Triad Sharpening Systems

The Tri-Hone and Triad Sharpening Systems are our premier three stone sharpening systems. Stones are comprised of both 100% natural, and synthetic compounds. Replacement stones are available for all systems. An excellent choice for sharpening sport, kitchen, cutlery, chisels, and wood carving instruments.

Pocket and Tactical Stones

Our recommended choice for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for an impeccable edge on axes, fishhooks, hunting, or fishing knives. They are easy to carry because of their compact size. Stones vary in particular size and shape to properly suit their individualized purpose.


RH Preyda Triad Sharpening Systems are the ultimate sharpening tool. Perfect for industrial and working kitchen applications, the systems feature Coarse, Fine and Medium honing stones, a constant oil bath, angle guides and a heavy-duty case. System includes Premium Honing Oil. Premium System recommended for industrial and higher volume use.


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